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As one of the most visible aspects of any property or home, driveway gates should be treated much as a key consideration when you define the overall functionality, security and style of your site. Whether it’s to provide increased security or added privacy to your home or business, or simply to create a modern & stylish first impression, a customised gate solution help complement and enhance its surrounding environment.

Sliding driveway gates are the best choice for saving driveway space because they require the least amount of space while opening as they open on the sides (one or both sides). This is done by the movement of the wheel and track slot of the sliding gates, along with the guided rail which smoothens its free flowing opening and closing operations. On the other hand, swing driveway gates require much more space because of their opening arc style. There are many shapes, designs, and materials to choose from. We hope our information can give you a better idea of what each type is like.

sliding driveway gates