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Custom Driveway Gates

custom driveway gatesCustom driveway gates are custom designed gates which expresses architectural value and personal expression. Popular custom gates are ones that designers' fabricate the steel making various shapes and designs. The artwork can be on display as the gate is closed and will be fully appreciated in the amount of detail that is put into them. Custom gates provides an aesthetic value upon the already proven durability.

Depending on the manufacturer or company, they will be able to provide offers such as hand crafted custom wrought iron and aluminum ornamental drive way gate, garden gates, fencing, and railings for acreages, lake lots, farms, residential, commercial and industrial applications. These custom gates will normally come in standard widths and heights as well as professional installation. Remember to ask for estimates and what other specialties that company can do to ensure that your custom gate is exactly the way you want it with all the right details.

Custom Driveway Gates Materials and Cost

Custom driveway gatesare being manufactured using different types of materials. Wooden type may still seem common especially in houses; however, there are a lot of other types of gates available today which you can choose from. Alluminum alloy is the most common choice when it comes to industrial purposes. Aside from its sturdiness and durability, this material is also very resistant to dents and dings. Steel or metal types are also popular and are commonly used in houses and offices. It can withstand any type of weather and does not need regular maintenance which makes it easy on the pocket. You may repaint your gates once in a while, at your disposal, but it usually takes ages before your steel fence would need one repainting. Moreover, gates made from cedar type materials are also available, which is actually perfect for aesthetic purposes. This material is quite expensive but the beauty it will give to your house is incomparable. Cedar wooden fences are perfect for outdoor use however as time goes by, it tends to change its color into grey because of the weather.

Things to consider when ordering a custom gates are the following dimensions and detail specifics:

(Images can ony be used for references only as every company will vary in what they offer)

  • Gate Body Type
  • Dimensions and Picket Spacing
  • Top Style
  • Repeating Horizontal Elements
  • Dog Pickets
  • Scrolls
  • Pull Handles
  • Kick and Top Plates
  • Baskets
  • Gate Color
custom driveway gates styles 

custom driveway gates details

A custom entry gate runs from $800 - $2,000, a driveway gate costs $2,500 - $5,500 and a double gate runs $5,000 - $10,000 You can save money if you have a gate and fence built at the same time, since a gate can be built while the concrete sets on fence posts or arbor footings. Surprisingly, there are builders who charge a lot more. There is also cost for installing the gates. Its price also varies with the size, labor and materials which are used in the production. You can find a better quality product within your budget. You should think about the strength properties and durability.

Custom Driveway Gates Advices and Styles

elegant custom driveway gatesAs a first step, it is recommended that you look at lots of different gates to discover what you do and don't like. You can mix and match design ideas and functionality to create the perfect gate. So take a look at the photos online. If you see what you want (or something close), chances are companies can use that as a starting point for a client inspired design. Then it is again up to the owner to read over design guide proposals from the company to get a really good idea of what the homeowners want, and the budget you want to spend. There are many different types of custom driveway gates from custom wooden, to Asian inspired, to wrought iron, to aluminum, cottage styled, Mediterranean Villa, Spanish etc....  All are different by their design. Custom driveway gates are the art of design. It is the expression of the designer and your own vision that can give a message through the finished product at you home. Eco-friendly materials can also be used in the production of custom driveway gates.