Sliding Driveway Gates  



Folding Driveway Gates

folding driveway gatesMany of the modern homes do not have expansive driveways where the owners can install regular gates without making it feel a bit cramped. However, the folding driveway gates can solve that problem with their innovative design traits that makes them suitable for homes with modestly spaced driveways. These gates resemble the regular driveway gates when in their extended configuration but can fold into a more manageable size at the push of a button. This is because these folding gates are also suited for installation of equipments that make them automated. Thus, users can use features available on regular electric gates on these folding models. The bi-folding variants take as little as a quarter of the space originally occupied by a regular gate of similar dimension. The folding driveway gates are available in a variety of make and materials, with the metal ones being the most popular. These gates are available in a range of sizes with entrances a narrow as 3 feet and upward. The models come with adjustable hinges and, drop bolts, and latches to make them more capable for providing security to their users.

Prices for Folding Driveway Gates

folding driveway gates costsThe folding driveway gates are available at various prices depending on the material used for their construction, the overall design, and dimension. The larger gates and those with designs that are more sophisticated usually cost more. The timber gates usually cost depending on the quality of the wood and the finish used for the gate.

The metal ones can be anything from wrought iron and stainless steel ones to gates made from aircraft grade aluminum. The basic folding and bi-folding variants can cost $300-400, even though they do not offer much in terms of design of quality. The more pricey ones can cost upwards of $500 with some folding driveway gates such as ones using expensive hardwood costing several thousands. It is better to compare prices on the various online retailers before taking the final call.

Folding Driveway Gates Advantages

The folding design is ideal for cramped driveways because they save space while opening. This type can also be suitable for driveways sloping upwards, which makes them incompatible with the swing type gates. The use of adjustable hinges and other such parts make enable these gates to fit more securely in irregularly shaped driveway entrances. The folding driveway gates are also perfect driveways having irregular gradient, which makes it impossible to install sliding doors on them. Thus, users of these driveway gates can install an imposing and aesthetic gate on their driveway without having to worry about the space it cover.