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Timber Driveway Gates

timber driveway gatesDriveway gates are available in a variety of materials to suit every taste and setting. However, the timber driveway gates are something of a classic among the numerous materials currently in use for the construction of these gates. This is because the wooden finish has always been a mark of aesthetic grandeur that no modern design and contemporary materials can hope to achieve to the same degree. These timber gates are available in a variety of designs to make it possible for every buyer interested in them to find something perfect for their home exterior. The types of timber on offer also make the range of choice for this type to be far more extensive than other materials including metal and glass. The timber driveway gates are available in both hardwood and softwood variants. The usual choices among the users include English Oak, Cedar, Teak, and Redwood to name a few. Buyers choose from a variety of designs ranging from the solid blocks of wood to elegant designs of the Cottage type gates. The buyers also choose from the swing type and the sliding type according to the need and preferences.

Timber Driveway Gates Cost

timber driveway gates costsThe timber driveway gates vary in prices according to the quality of the wood in use and the design. However, buyers falling under every price bracket can hope find to something that would suit their taste. The price can start from anywhere around $500 where buyers would get the most basic of gates for their driveways. However, they can find something far more sophisticated, both design wise and in features, if they are willing to fork out something extra. The automatic driveway gates cost much more than the other variants because they carry sophisticated equipments for availing opening and closing of the gates at the push of a button. Buyers can search for the various timber driveway gates on various online shopping portals, which offer attractive discounts on their products.

Timber Driveway Gates Benefits

Driveway gates made from timber can be the perfect choice for houses that are set in natural surroundings, with the wooden frames lending a softer finish. The timber driveway gates can look majestic in a regal driveway and accentuate the looks of cottage style homes. The timber is also more suited for staining to number of different colors compared to the metallic frames. Thus, buyers can have these gates in various colors to suit their home exteriors. Therefore, driveway gates made from timber can be the ideal installation at a variety of houses.