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Wooden Driveway Gates

Wooden driveway gates can be found in a wide array of different designs, types of wood, and colors. The wood that is used for the gate the gate should be specially treated to prevent termite infestation and rot. It should also be painted periodically to protect its structure and maintain its appearance. This type of driveway gate is ideal for rural areas or for buyers who prefer to match the gate's color with the color of their home. Strength of wood depends on the species.

Wooden Driveway Gates Types

wood driveway gatesWood is categorized into 2 types- Hardwood and Softwood. Hardwood is from deciduous trees, which shed their leaves every year. Softwood, on the other hand is from coniferous (evergreen) trees that are mostly needle-leaved or scale leaved. Hardwoods are the strong and durable type, their main disadvantage is that they are generally harder to work with in terms of carving, bolting screws and the likes. Popular choices are oak, maple, cherry, poplar and birch. Of these choices, only red oak and poplar are stocked at home centers, the others have to be looked up from specialty stores.

Wood driveway gates are more preferable gates because of design and strength properties. Ranch type driveway gates are typically made of wood. If you have wood fences surrounding your property, wood driveway gates may be an option for you simply because they will match the rest of your fence. Weight again is somewhat of an issue, but they are not quite as heavy as steel gates. They can weight from about 90 to 190 pounds each. Wood gates give you an opportunity to save money as well. That is if you want to give building them yourself a try. Well it isn’t one of the hardest do it yourself ideas we have seen, but it isn’t exactly easy either. We suggest that you get your pattern ideas from looking at other existing gates that seem sturdy to you and mimic how they were constructed.

Common species of hardwood

Walnut Best used for solid and veneered furniture, cabinets and wall panels. Walnut is strong and easy to work with. It has a solid structure that resists shrinking and warping, its fine texture provides a good finish to any project. 
Mahogany It has a fine grain and a reddish brown color. Like most hardwoods, it is very durable because it resists shrinking, swelling and warping. It can be used for cabinets, boats, wood facings and veneers.
Oak Oak is a strong wood that has good bending qualities. It doesn’t absorb moisture easily and it provides a good finish to any project. They have open pores that tend to collect wood stains that are applied to them. This makes the stain appear darker around the open pores. This It can also be used for furniture, trimmings, boat frames, floor panels and elegant desks.
Rosewood Is a hard, fragrant dark reddish wood. It requires high polish to produce a good finish. Musical instruments, piano cases and tool handles are usually built with rosewood.
Maple Maple is best used in bowling alleys, floorings and other furniture. It comes out of machines very well and is fine textured. This wood is tight grained, which allows finishes and stains to be spread evenly.
Cherry Wood from this tree ages well. It's a close-grain hardwood that resists warping and shrinking. However, it will redden when exposed to sunlight. This wood will work well in boat trims, cabinets and solid furniture handles.
Teak This is a very durable and resistant wood. It resists moisture and rot. It’s also not prone to warping, decaying and cracking. Among its many uses are ship building, door and window making, flooring, and other general constructing works.

Softwood on the other hand is mostly used for home construction. Most of the woods from this specie absorb and lose moisture easily. It would be best to purchase your timber at least two weeks before your project. Then, you will need to place small pieces of scrap wood between the boards to allow air circulation.

Common species of softwood

Pine This can also be used for panels, trims, molding, boxes and furniture. Its even texture works well with finishes and stains.
Fir Fir has a fine and non adhesive texture. One disadvantage is it has low resistance to decay. Fir is mostly used for doors, frames, windows, veneer and interior trim.
Hemlock: like fir, it’s also prone to decay and non resinous. It can be used as a construction lumber, planks, boards, panels and crates.
Redwood Redwood unlike Fir and Hemlock, Redwood has a natural resistance to decay because of the oil/saps it produces. It's light weight and durability makes it ideal for outdoor furniture, fencing, veneering and paneling.
Cedar Cedar is resistant to rotting. It has a freshly sweet smell and reddish color. These qualities make Cedar ideal for closet linings, shingles, posts, novelty products and chest making. Now that you know the common types of hardwood and softwood, keep in mind that each type has its own characteristics - a set of advantages and disadvantages. It would also be helpful to shop around or ask around to get the most out of a deal.

Wooden Driveway Gates Prices

wooden driveway gates designThe price of the wood driveway starts with $200-250 and highest value of the wood driveway more than $3000. Preservative should be used to protect the driveway gates from the insecticide and parasites. Varnish is the best color for the wood driveway doors. There are lots of styles and designs in the products of wood drive way gates one can consider such as: curved headed driveway gates, Beaumaris driveway gates, Caernarfon driveway gates, Harlech driveway gates, Bala driveway gates, St Asaph driveway gates, Colwyn driveway gates, Denbigh driveway gates and Bespoke driveway gates etc.. Average Gate Cost: $300 – $4000 Installation Cost: $950 – $1400